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About Xitenghuile Grassland

Huitengxile Inner Mongolia Grassland Tour # Itinerary # Comments Inner Mongolia, located right at the south of Mongolia, is famous for its wide and beautiful grasslands. To find the less spoiled and touristy Grassland with relatively full-up grass, and yet accessible for a two days excursion, CCC recommends the Grassland Huitengxile (2,100 meters above sea level).

It also offers other varieties such as the Yellow Blossom Valley, Great Mosque, and the Frontier Street. Mushroom-like yurts, bright sky, fresh air, rolling grass and the flocks and herds moving like white clouds on the remote Grassland will give you a quiet and relaxing impression you will never forget! The rooms are not as clean as a 3 star hotel and there are strong sewage odors, especially after a rainfall". There are no "traditional” yurts(without indoor plumbing )available for rent from private families. If you want to experience sleeping in a yurt in a non-commercial site, CCC will try its best to arrange such accommodation. However we must advise you in advance of likely adverse conditions. Because higher standard are simply not available.

There is also no heating provided in the yurts and we advise you to either bring a blanket or thermal sleepware in case it gets cold. Hohhot, the capital of Inner Mongolia, is located in the center of the province and, although it has expanded considerably in recent years, the city has kept some of the charm of a small Buddhist settlement. Best time to visit July - August. The visit to Inner Mongolia is very short, from end of June to end of August. Rest of the most half of the year will be freezing.