China National Holiday

About China Nationa Holiday

China has 16 legal festivals, including New Year's Day, Spring Festival, May Day, National Day, Qingming Festival, Dragon Boat Festival and Mid-Autumn Festival when all Chinese people will be on vacation.

The other nine are for special industries or specific people like Women's Day, Arbor Day, Youth Day, International Nurse Day, Children's Day, Anniversary of the Founding of the Chinese Communist Party (the Party's Birthday) and Army Day of the Chinese People's Liberation Army, Teacher's Day, and Journalists' Day. At the festivals, people can enjoy the legal holidays.

Always a lot of people go out of their homes for traveling or shopping. Among these, two are 'Golden Weeks' (Spring Festival and National Day). Both holidays last for three days but by combining two weekends with them, people benefit from seven consecutive days off.

During these two weeks, most people go out and enjoy themselves in a great variety of ways with a resultant boost to the economy, hence the nickname 'Golden Week'. Hotel rooms, train tickets or air tickets will definitely be in great demand then. Therefore, we recommend that people who are planning China tour packages avoid these Golden Weeks in view of the huge crowds that gather at the major tourist attractions. Some people have a half day off on the following national holidays or anniversaries. Women have half day off on Women's Day.

Young people over 14 years of age have a half day off on Youth Day. Children under 14 years old have a day off on Children's Day. Active members of the army have a half-day holiday on Army Day. People celebrate these special national days but they do not have time off: Arbor Day, International Nurses' Day, Anniversary of the Founding of the Chinese Communist Party, Teachers' Day, and Journalists' Day. The table below provides the detailed information of 2009 and 2010 public holidays. Hope it can help you make a good plan of your China tour.