The Cruise of the Century on Yangtze River

century cruisesWhen deciding what cruise you would like to take down the Yangtze River you definitely have your work cut out for you. There are many amazing choices, depending on your budget, length of travel time, and luxuries you do not want to live without. A Century Cruise can make the decision easy and worth it.

Century cruise in general

There are three Century Cruise ships to choose from Century Paragon, Century Legend, Century Sun. Each of these ships provide some of the highest levels of luxury while you gracefully float the Yangtze River. Two out of three of these ships made their maiden voyage March of this year, they are quite literally brand new.

Century Paragon

The Century Paragon is the newest member of the Century Cruises line. It is a deluxe cruise with everything you could possibly desire. You can choose either a four day trip or a five day trip. The seven story lobby is the first to catch your amazement as you enter the boat. The crew speaks English so you know exactly what you are getting. The luxuries continue to glorify your experience with the multifunctional lounge as well as the fabulous swimming pool. There is a bar, fitness center, and even a private relaxation area available to all passengers.

Century Legend

This cruise is also available for four or five day excursions. This ship is a five star hotel on the water, complete with suits with balconies. An onboard swimming pool as well as many other luxuries such as; the Panoramic restaurant, the A La Carte Restaurant, and even a ballroom. This ship is complete with a sightseeing elevator and public area. This ship was built by the most sophisticated and knowledgeable in marine architecture.

Century Sun

Outside cabins with private balconies, the Century sun is the first of the Century Cruises. The two diamond suits on this ship are the largest cabins among all of the Yangtze cruise ships. There is a VIP restaurant, cigar bar, two sight seeing elevators. Once again choices between four day/ three nights and five days/ four night trips. The Century Sun Used to be hired by a company called Viking Cruise, so its facilities are top ranking among all the available cruise lines.

Century Diamond

The century diamond is all about being the biggest. Largest cabins with private balconies, the biggest public area, and of course Hilton inspired hotel facilities. This ship is complete with, administration deck, VIP restaurant, theater, gym, sauna, massage parlor, cigar bar, business center, and tap water. This is the only Yangtze cruise ship that offers drinkable tap water to each cabin. The Century Diamond offers four day, five day, downstream eleven days, or upstream eleven day choices. There are a few other century cruises that you can choose from such as; the Century Sky or the Century Star. Each with their very own reasons to choose them. Do a little research and see what is the most fitting option for your wants and needs down the Yangtze River.

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