Chongqing Traveling Tips

century cruises The Chongqing is quickly becoming one of the most important cities in China. It is already one of the biggest (inland cities) in the country and economically is making a big mark. Chongqing is the launch site for beautiful boat trips down the Yangtze River. It is a busy place for anyone to visit, but contains so much to experience. So how are you going to get there?

By plane

Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport is not far from the city itself and thankfully it makes life easy,terminal one for international flights and terminal two for domestic flights. A helpful tip, there is an ATM in the arrival hall, secure area and tourist information available. There is also as airport shuttle bus available from terminal two.

By Train

There are three big train stations in Chongqing. The original train station, Chongqing station is the closest to the center of the city. There are many long distance trains as well as short trips coming to and from this station. Chongqing North Station has made some recent changes to their services. Many long distance trips throughout China depart and arrive here. Moving along the Chongqing South Station is more limited to shorter trips and closer destinations. It makes traveling outside of Chongqing but staying close, much easier and convenient. The hotels you stay at can help you book tickets. Trains arrive daily to the Chongqing stations at various times.

By Bus

You can take a long distance bus from just about anywhere to get to Chongqing. There is even an hourly service to a few local areas, Nanchong, Xi’an, and Chengdu. Some long distance buses even include sleeper berths. These do not have the greatest reputation for comfort. The “sleeper buses” may or may not be a good option depending on what you want to experience. However if you are planning a long bus trip, particularly the one that goes through nine Chinese provinces the sleep option might not be such a bad option.

Talk to your hotel and see what they recommend. Depending on where you are coming from might make the difference. Also most of the older train stations can be quite hectic and more or less are chaos. Many hotels will sell you rail tickets than you can avoid the battle to the counter to purchase your tickets and this way you have less chances of getting the wrong ones.


Once you have made it to Chongqing you will need to get around here are a few options; The vastly improving and growing subway/monorail systems. Every line is air conditioned, which is fabulous for Chinas humidity. Announcements are graciously made in Mandarin and English. Electronic ticket card is a must it makes getting around a breeze. A little money on the card will get you a long way. The local busses are cheap and often. In order to get on the right one you should probably get some Chinese speaking help or speak it yourself. The bright yellow Suzuki’s are taxi cabs and can be found with ease and do not typically require you to speak Chinese to get from point A to point B.