Guilin landscape between reality, history and unreal

Guilin TravelIf you decided to visit China you must see Guilin city. Guilin is an ancient city with 2000 years of history. Guilin city has a lot of history and was and still is an important city for China. Guilin landscape is one of his atractions.After emperor Qin Shi Huang decided to unit China, and set up the Guilin Shire he wanted to connect two important rivers the Xiangjiang River and Lijiang River. That way Guilin is an important city, because he is connecting the plain area and the south China.

Guilin landscape has attracted numerous scholars; they left behind lots of everlasting prose and poems. You can find more than 2000 wall stone inscriptions and calligraphy. Zhuang, Yao, Miao, Dongand are an important ethic groups for Guilin city. Guilin landscape is different from others because of his various folk traditions.

Doesn`t matter where you decide to go in Guilin, because all of Guilin landscape is so beautiful and full of history. Guilin is still an agricultural city, even if the area is limitated by the numerous mountains which is a problem in the whole of Guangxi region.

For those who live day by day in town to visit Guilin is like a breath of fresh air. You inspire and inspire and you cannot stop .You will fall in love for Guilin landscape characterized by water buffalos, terraced rice paddies, bamboo groves, peasants with cone shaped straw hats and turn up trousers.

One of the best views of Guilin landscape is the Crystal Palace of Dragon King. Another best tourist attractions that offers you a Guilin landscape is a boat trip on the Li River, if you don`t do a trip on Li River that means didn`t visit Guilin city.Li river cruises is like a candy on a cake, you don`t want to miss it.Take a cruise from Yangshuo to Guilin you will enjoy the best Guilin landscape ever. Will have a nice experience on twisting and winding Li River, will past to many bizarre mountains, their shapes inspired the Chinese imagination, Old Man Mountain, Pagoda Mountain, the Elephant Trunk Mountain and Hole Mountain.

On Li river cruise will see normal activities taking place right on your eyes; on the banks of the river you will see: women doing their washing, bathing children, small settlement, water buffaloes and cormorant fishermen. In Guilin waters are clear as crystal in contrast with the surrounding hills. Guilin landscape is rounded by the four lakes and 3 rivers; the Guilin landscape is open for exploration.

Your eyes will enjoy seeing so many Guilin landscapes: Elephant Trunk Hill, Wave Subduing Hill, and Seven Star Park. Guilin landscape can be admired and on bike. A trip with bike will make you to fall in love of this beauty. Guilin landscape has no words or picture to describe it, only if you see with your own eyes you will believe.