Guilin City attractions

century cruises An old Chinese saying says, "Guilin's mountain & water scenery are at best under heaven. And Guilin has most popular karst topography of the world, with the limpid lakes and rivers, grotesque rocks, verdant hills, and mysterious caves. Visiting Guilin and surrounding towns to Yangshuo & Longsheng is about the leisure and scenery, like cruising all along the Li River and pedaling in the countryside, or visiting the minority villages. Guilin has plenty of attractions, with karst vistas popular worldwide. The Elephant Trunk Hill in Guilin is an emblem. There’re many imaginatively titled hills to climb, rivers & lakes to cruise and caves to explore. Longsheng rice terraces are the amazing demonstration of the man working in the harmony with the landscape.

Shopping in Guilin

Guilin is the small city, and lots of shopping places are situated all along the Zhongshan Road, the major road & city center in Guilin. Besides big departments, also there are a few interesting small markets & pedestrian streets. This city is popular for the beautiful landscape and Guilin is popular for the landscape paintings, and other art souvenirs and crafts. Local Specialties of Guilin.

Guilin's 3 treasures are Guilin Fermented Bean Curd, Guilin Sanhua Liquor, and Guilin Chili Sauce. They’re the top selections to buy while you visit to Guilin. Because the name of Guilin means "Forest of Osmanthus", there’re a lot of products that are made from fragrant Osmanthus, like Osmanthus sugar and Osmanthus tea.

Luo Han Guo, is one type of the brown fruit with the round shape, thin and hard shell, and size of the small orange. It has used as the natural sweetener in different areas of China because of the flavor & lack of energy. It has been used in the traditional Chinese medicine as well. The inside soft compound is used often to make tea that will relieve chronic coughing and sore throat. All these local specialties are found in the huge supermarkets and local specialty stores as well.

Shopping Made Interesting

Clothes and Shoes Guilin Department Shop, Sino Japanese venture Niko Do and Dream Island Department Store are up market department shops in the city. They locate all along Zhongshan Road and from south towards north. They give clothes, bags and shoes with best quality. Three department shops all have the food supermarkets on the underground floors. In Niko Niko Do, you will find the small section selling the imported foods, chocolates, candies, cheese and many more. Zhengyang Pedestrian Street close to the city central square also has some boutiques selling the ethnic crafts & clothes, and some restaurants with the local Guilin food.

Things to Do At Night

Night Cruise to Li River It’s fabulous taking the night cruise over Li River that can bring you another type of the appreciation on Li River. When taking the boat from Guilin - Yangshuo in night, you will enjoy the amazing scenery on both the riversides and watch fishing boat lights as well as light from river banks, feeling is very poetic.

Watching the Artificial Lijiang Waterfall at Central Square Situated on the southeast corner of the downtown Central Square, the Lijiang Waterfall Hotel in Guilin, the 5 -star hotel in Guilin, displays beautiful artificial waterfall each night during at 8:30PM. Having the width of over 73.5 meters as well as the height of 40 mts, artificial waterfall comes down from top of the hotel's building to the ground floor. While waterfall is dropping, the fantastic music and lights is being displayed at a same time.

Shanhu Lake

Two Rivers & Four Lakes, the park like scenic region is central round a city water system in Guilin's, which is located in a downtown Guilin area. Night cruise is spectacular and amazing as the water system is transformed by an innovative use of the lighting in the buildings and gardens all along the lakes. The environment is very relaxing as well as romantic out there. Most wonderful parts are situated around these four lakes, and they are Wooden Dragon Lake, Banyan Lake, Shahu Lake and GUI Lake. They are located just in the downtown area, as well as short distance from railway station & bus station. Also, Guilin has the subtropical monsoon weather with 4 distinct seasons. There’s the high humidity and summer in Guilin is hot and humid. Winter is damp and cold. Autumn and spring are warm and short. The weather is very mild as well as comfortable.

Transportation to Guilin

There are a lot of ways for getting to Guilin. You will find good air, bus and train services that are accessible from most areas of China & abroad. Most convenient for getting around for the tourists is taking the tour and taxis are cheap and plentiful. The cityis totally flat so biking is as well the good choice for you.