Exploring The Villages Of Guilin

Guilin TravelIf Guilin is a mesmerising city in South China where you can enjoy the fragrance of hundreds of Osmanthus trees, the inner villages of the city are hidden gems. When you are on a trip to Guilin, you must set aside a few days to explore these villages. Many explore the Red Flute Cave, Elephant Trunk Hill, Longji Rice Terraces, Seven Star Park, go on a cruise along the Li River and spend time at Yangshuo town, but they often forget to include the inner towns of Guilin. However, the essence of Guilin China can be experienced only in these towns, so make sure you visit those the next time you are in the city. They all have interesting tales to tell you since they are all historically important towns.

Xingping Town

This town has an enchanting history. It was also the largest town near the Li River. It is just 39 miles away from Guilin and only 15 miles from Yangsho. There is a Fishing Village in Xingping Town that is 500 years old. If the towering limestone Karst of Guilin surprised you with its sheer beauty, what will you say when you see the stunning hills that mark the boundaries of the Xingping town? You will be speechless with joy and awe because each of the hills looks so different from the other and resembles monks, nuns, people and so on. Xingping Old Street and the Fishing Village (founded during Mind Dynasty) are two of the historic sites that are still kept intact. The old brick buildings, the narrow streets, the assembly halls and the houses in the Fishing Villages all add to the architectural magnificence of the town exponentially. People live in remarkable houses with carved windows, flying eaves, horse head walls and painted rafters. Once you explore this town, you can move onto watch the gushing waterfalls, another hallmark of the village. Not only will the sight hold you in its scenic spell, but you will also feel cool and refreshed by the clear waters; they are good enough to make wine. Other important attraction in the area is the Lotus Cave with its multitude of varied stalactites.

Daxu Ancient Town

The Northern Song Dynasty (960-1126) originally founded Daxu Town, is an ancient town in Guilin. It is also one of the major towns of Guangxi Province. Located 15 miles away from Guilin, this town is right on the eastern side of the Li River and draws several exciting sites. At first, the town will strike you as a quiet town, but soon you will be able to enjoy its historical buildings and impressive architecture. The streets are paved with bluestones, which is perhaps the most striking aspect of the town. The Longevity Bridge, the thirteen docks, seven star tombs, traditional market, Hanhuang Temple and the Gaozu Temple are the main attractions of the Daxu town.

Fuli Town

You must visit Fuli town during your Guilin travel because this ancient town has an interesting history that dates back to a 1000 years. Surrounded by the Li River and Karst Mountains, the town will hold its scenic appeal for years and years. The town is preserved by the locals who indulge in the traditional business of painted paper fans, which brought fame and money to the artists here. When Bill Clinton visited this town he was pretty impressed by the paper fans and called them “natural air conditioners”.

Huangyao Ancient Town

Huangyao is another ancient town (900-year old) to be included during a trip to Guilin. Foreign tourists flock to this town to see the flagstone-paved narrow streets, ancestral halls and temples and to visit the small and narrow rivers protected by age-old stone bridges. You get to see exquisite calligraphy in the ancient halls, so don’t miss that.