Enjoy Authentic Culinary Creations Of Guilin

Guilin TravelDid you know that apart from being labeled as one of the most scenic destinations in the world, Guilin is renowned for its spatial gastronomy, and attracts foodies from all over the world? Enjoy a never-ending culinary merry-go-round and treat your palettes to the best flavors in the world when you are on a Guilin journey. The efficiency and the sense of sophistication in which the restaurants prepare each mouth watering recipe reflects the profound social culture of the area; so you must be able to find time to taste a different dish each time you have a meal. The local delicacies served are so unique and varied that both veggies and non-veggies will have plenty to eat.

When you are touring the various attractions of Guilin, you can head over to the restaurants in between breaks and indulge yourself. It is your vacation, so don't worry too much about your figure, it is the time to pamper yourself.

Guilin Rice Noodles

Rice Noodles, the staple diet of the people in China can be prepared in any way you want. It can be made into a vegetarian dish, if you so specify it at the restaurant. The preparation of the rice noodle here is quite unique from the way it is prepared in any part of the world, after all, the Chinese are stalwarts at preparing noodles. The unique flavor, the crafting process, the broth/soup chosen for the noodle are so special, aromatic and tasty. For meat, you can choose pig or beef bone and for those interested in vegetables can go for lettuce, spinach, radishes, garlic and peanuts. The famous noodle varieties are three treasure noodles, horsemeat noodles, hot and spicy noodles, vegetable noodles and danzi noodles. These are cooked and served in broth or soup and if you want to add spice to it, you can just inform your waiter. You must try this dish at least once during your Guilin travel.

Hotels/eateries serving Rice Noodles in Guilin: Laozihao Qingji Rice Noodle Restaurant, Youyi Xuan and Liu Bo Niang.

Other rice dishes served as both snack and main meal

Nun noodles, prepared with fresh mushrooms, bamboo shoots, dried mushrooms and bean sprouts are a favorite among the locals. They are thinner than the traditional rice noodles; you can try this at Yueya Lou, an eatery in Qixing Park.

You must also try out Zhutongfan (bamboo-cooked rice) and the youcha (oil tea), two famous indigenous delicacies in Guilin.

Stewed Duck with Gingko

If rice noodle is the staple diet of the people, then stewed duck with gingko is perfect for those with lung problems. It is a light, steamed dish made with tender duck meat, gingko, ham slices, long gourd and other ingredients. The preparation of this fish requires skill and correct temperature, but it is very tasty and nourishing.

Hotels/eateries serving stewed duck with gingko: Fo Long Xuan Restaurant

Lotus Leaf Braised Duck

This is another traditional and nourishing duck dish prepared in lotus leaf. The duck is first readied and stuffed with various fillings, and the whole thing is steamed for a long time. It is then served with the best seasonings available at the time. The fillings of bamboo shoot, ham, mushroom, green beans, lean pork and shrimp, combined with the aroma of lotus leaf, makes the dish absolutely divine.

Hotels/eateries serving lotus leaf braised duck: Fo Long Xuan Restaurant, Agan Restaurant

Lo Han Boiled Chicken

Lo Han is the perfect traditional dish for those with blood pressure. Chicken is steamed with astragalus, codeonopsis pilosula and Lo Han Kuo, a traditional Chinese herb.

Hotels/eateries serving Lo Han boiled chicken: Mei You Cafe, Cloud 9

Of course, there are still hundreds of traditional dishes, just waiting for you. So make sure you visit all the best restaurants and eateries during your trip to Guilin if you are having a long vacation.