A Cruise Along The Majestic River of Yangtze

century cruises The River of Yangtze, with its sheer brilliance lures many visitors to ride along its bosom while thrilling them with stunning views of towns, dams and landscapes. The river plays a very significant cultural and economic role in the development of the Republic of China. When you cruise along this river, you will feel the true pulse of this magnificent country. Thousands of tourists go on a cruise along the Yangtze River and this contributes heavily to the economy of the country. Spanning a distance of 3,964 miles, the river has earned the name of being the biggest river in China and the third biggest in the world (after the River Nile and the Amazon River).

The beauty of a cruise along the Yangtse River is that you can navigate through eleven provinces and cities starting from the west to the east. Some of the towns crossed by the powerful river are Qinghai, Tibet, Yunnan, Chongqing, Jiangxi, Anhui and of course, Shanghai. The river originates from Qinghai through the Tanggula mountain ranges and flows mightily through all these towns only to join the East China Sea at Shanghai.

The Yangtze River is famous not only for the important role it plays in the economy of the country, but for other reasons as well. The Three Gorges Dam, the biggest dam project in the world is built on this river. This hydro-electric power station is so huge and massive that it is worth a visit; you can easily see the dam when you go on a full cruise along the river.

Another major benefit of the cruise is that you learn more about an exotic culture and discover several historical relics impregnated with beautiful and alluring mythological stories. You can also enjoy the terraces nurtured brilliantly by the Chinese people and marvel at the persistent hard work with which they maintain their trade. You can either choose to go the off beaten track where there will be only few people to accompany you or go on a general cruise. However, it will be an incredible experience for you to know about the culture of the land first hand, especially if you have never been to China. Here are some of the places that you can visit while on a cruise along the River of Yangtze.

Chongqing – An important mountain city in China, this industrial and commercial hub is where you normally start your cruise.

Fengdu - Also known as the Ghost City, Fengdu is a popular excursion site while cruising along the Yangtse River. Don’t miss it.

The Three Gorges Dam – You have heard about the mighty dams, now you get a chance to see them and revel in their magnificence. The grand powerhouse, the wonderful spillway and stunning cofferdam are all worth visiting. The Three Gorges Museum – Be sure to visit the museum to gain a complete understanding of the gorges.

Wanzhou and Relocation City – When the dams were constructed, China relocated 1.13 million people from the northeast part to the Chongqing city because their lands were submerged in water. Lesser Three Gorges - The charismatic peaks along the Wuxia Gorge along the Daning River on the Yangtze is a sight to behold. It is also called Lesser Three Gorges.