What's the best time to visit Tibet?

visit tibetAs the roof of the world, Tibet has typical downy special climate. There are great differences between different areas of Tibet. The eastern part of Tibet is much warmer than the western parts. The best time to visit Tibet is from May to October. Winter is cold from November to April. Summer is very shot. In the central part of Tibet, such as Lhasa and Tsedang, it has pleasure climate and weather all year round. So visitors can visit the central parts of Tibet all year round.


What to pack for traveling to Tibet

If you don't want to climb the high mountains of Tibet, you needn't take special tools for your tour in Tibet. Just take the normal things when you traveling outdoor. Good quality shoes, warm clothes and some medicine to avoid highland sickness are needed if you travel in winter. If you want to climb the Mt. Everest, you have to prepare some special tools and clothing. Try to avoid the harsh winter to visit Mt. Everest.

What to see in Tibet

Tibet is a pupular travel destinations in China and the world. There are millions of tourists visit the place in one year. Beside the beatiful natural scenery of the highland, you can also experience the real life of different culture of Tibet and myserious Tibetan culture. Famous attractions in Tibet are inlcuding Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, Drepung Monastery, Sera Monastery and Gandan Monastery.


What to know before travel to Tibet

tibet travelTibet is a special place for travelers in China, especially for foreign tourists. The government have strict policies in operation of the tourism in Tibet. Every foreign tourists need to join a tour group to visit tibet organized by a Chinese tour operator. Tourits have to apply the Tibet travel permit, which is offered by the Tibet tourism officals. Sometimes, it's difficult to apply the travel permit.