Am I Smart Enough to Learn Chinese?

If you talk to people about learning the Chinese language you might find that some of them try to put you off the idea. They will tell you that it is really difficult to learn and that you probably shouldn’t waste your time on something so tough.

It is true that learning a second language isn’t easy. If English is your first langue then its lack of similarities with Chinese certainly isn’t going to help. However, people all over the world successfully learn new languages all the time. Here are a few tops for making sure that you can do it too.

Live the Language

You might have heard someone say that they really started to feel comfortable with the foreign tongue they were studying when they started to think or dream in it. This is a sign that they were starting to live the language rather than simply regard the learning of it as an academic exercise. So how can you do this too? Probably the best idea is to find something special which it offers you. If you love listening to music then give some Chinese stuff a listen and if enjoy reading fashion magazines then try and get hold of some in the language you want to learn. After all, you will want to get a bit more fun than that which text books give you.  

Enjoy it

The process of learning a new language is a long and sometimes complicated process. You will have some ups and downs and it is how you deal with these that will determine whether you are successful or not. There is no point looking at the Chinese language as some sort of rival you have to overcome. It is your friend and to learn it well you need to start to enjoy it as such. For example, when you come across a word you have never seen before then you should look at it with interest and intrigue instead of with frustration or despair.  

Use a Native Speaking Teacher

There are few better ways of getting comfortable with a new language than by speaking to someone who has it as their mother tongue. In the case of Chinese there are big communities all over the world which you might hope to get involved with. Another idea is to start your journey with the Chinese language with a native speaking teacher. You can find one at the best Chinese classes New York offers . You will find this kind of approach repeated all over North America and the Chinese lessons Vancouver has on right now are among the best.